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Hospital-acquired urinary tract infection

Free HPV vaccintion for women born in the 1993-1997 period will be discontinued as from end of 2015
Measles postexposure prophylaxis
Booster vaccination against polio - updated recommendations for travel to certain countries
New publication from the Danish Health and medicines authority on the handling of sexually transmitted infections
European training programme to become a field epidemiologist (epiet) or a field microboilogist (euphem)

New HPV vaccine as from 1 February 2016
Mycoplasma pneumoniae epidemic
Zika virus in several countries in South, Central and North America and in Cape Verde

Hepatitis A 2014
World AIDS Day 2015

The temporary vaccination programme will be discontinued as from the end of 2015
Follow-up on the period during which the DTaP-IPV/Act-Hib vaccine was on back order
European HIV Testing Week 20-27 November 2015 – Test. Treat. Prevent

Egg allergy and vaccination with egg-containing vaccines
European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2015 and national Danish antibiotic campaign

Mandatory registration of vaccinations in electronic vaccination Card
Increase in the number of detected Mycoplasma pneumoniae infections

Notified cases of legionella pneumonia in 2014
Booster vaccination against polio - updated recommendations for travel to certain countries


The DTaP-IPV/Act-Hib vaccine is out of stock
Prevention of chickenpox and shingles
Follow-up on VZIG dispensing to pregnant women who have become exposed to chickenpox in the 2005-2015 period

Gonorrhoea 2014

Influenza vaccination 2015/2016

Meningococcal disease 2014
Purulent meningitis 2014
New guidelines from the Danish Health and Medicines Authority on the handling of HUS and VTEC

Frequently asked questions about vaccination
Cluster of ornithosis cases following contact to infected ducks from duck breeders on Funen and in Jutland

Syphilis 2014
Outbreak of polio-like disease in the Ukraine

Hepatitis B, HIV and syphilis screening of pregnant
New call centre to provide assistance on the SSI's diagnostic analyses

Chlamydia 2014
Extension of limited subsidy for 13-valent conjugate pneumococcal vaccine

A case of cutaneous diphtheria
Reminder to reconstitute Act-HIB® with DTaP-IPV
Pilgrimages to Mecca
List of the most frequently used EPI-NEWS issues at ssi.dk
Vaccine Day at the SSI on 14 September 2015

Recommended vaccinations for foreign travel

Malaria 2014
Updated recommendations for malaria prophylaxis
MERS-CoV outbreak in South Korea

Influenza season 2014/2015

MRSA 2014

Update on the West African ebola outbreak

Hiv 2014
Measles outbreak in North Zealand

Blood donor screening 2014
Ornithosis 2014

Whooping cough 2014

Three cases of infant botulism

European Immunization Week

Rabies 2014

Individually notified diseases 2014
World TB Day

Acute and chronic hepatitis C 2014

Hospital-acquired bacteraemia
MMR vaccination for children and adults

Surveillance of hospital-acquired Clostridium difficile infection through HAIBA

HAIBA – Hospital-Acquired Infections dataBAse

Acute and chronic hepatitis B 2014
MRSA - knowledge and advice

Results from the EPI-NEWS user survey

Changed recommendations for tetanus prophylaxis after wound injury

Changed recommendations on adaptation to the Danish childhood vaccination programme

Reminders of lacking childhood vaccinations, experiences after the first 5 months

Tuberculosis 2013
European training programme to become a field epidemiologist (EPIET) or a field microbiologist (EUPHEM)

Infectious diseases 2014


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