About diseases and vaccines


Foodborne diseases 2001-2004
Tuberculosis 2004, part II
Tuberculosis 2004, part I
Avian influenza: status
The global polio situation
Yellow fever outbreaks in Africa
World Aids Day 2005
Vaccination of pilgrims to Saudi Arabia
MRSA 2004
Wound botulism among IV drug users in Germany
Laboratory diagnosed whooping cough 2002-2004
Chickenpox prophylaxis in risk groups
Imported haemoparasites 1994-2004
Antibiotic consumption and resistance 2004/2005
Cryptosporidium outbreak
Trypanosomiasis in Central and East Africa
Avian flu in Europe
Counselling of private individuals
Chronic hepatitis B 2004
Hepatitis B screening of pregnant women
Acute hepatitis B virus infection 2004
Tularaemia acquired in Denmark
Increase in Mycoplasma pneumoniae cases
FAQs about influenza and influenza vaccine
Influenza vaccination 2005/2006
Hepatitis A 2004
Multidrug-resistant salmonella outbreak
Norovirus outbreak
Purulent meningitis 2004
Annual HIV report 2004
HIV and AIDS 2004
Raspberries to cause more norovirus outbreaks
Chlamydia 2004
Chlamydia campaign
Neuroborreliosis 1994-2004
Fatal case of whooping cough in an infant
New international health regulations
Hepatitis B screening of pregnant women
Avian influenza - status
Outbreak of infection with Streptococcus suis in China
Norovirus outbreak
Influenza: season 2004/2005, vaccine 2005/2006, vaccination coverage
Suggested vaccinations for foreign travel, part II
Suggested vaccinations for foreign travel, part I
Whooping cough 2004
Polio outbreaks in Yemen and Indonesia
Vaccination of Danish exchange students to the US
Malaria 2004
Legionella pneumonia 2004
Detection of legionella antigen in urine
Travel associated legionella pneumonia
VTEC and other diarrhoeagenic E. coli 2003-2004
Syphilis 2004
Meningococcal disease 2004
Individually notified diseases 2004
New corona virus and Kawasaki Syndrome
Vaccination of sewage workers
Free hepatitis vaccination for IV drug users and their families
Outbreak of Marburg haemorrhagic fever in Angola
Avian influenza update
Infectious diseases after the tsunami in Asia
Zoonotic intestinal infections 2004
Salmonella: From farm to fork
Acute and chronic hepatitis C 2004
Gonorrhoea 2004
Chickenpox and vaccination
Acute and chronic hepatitis B 1985-2004
Rabies 2004
Increased number of leptospirosis cases
Infection with bartonella species
Norovirus - new variant
Surveillance of infectious diseases 2004

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